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SmartControl is a full realtime weather based sensory automation system aware of your gardens needs daily and assists the plants to grow at optimal rate elimating the inconsitancy of everyday mundane tasks done manually. Because SmartControl provides a realtime sensory growing enviroment, SmartControl takes care of all those tasks your plants need thruout the day, by talking to the machines to provide what is needed. And besides the ideal growing enviroment you be able to simply maintain, its giving you more of the most important thing. Time.  

SmarterSoil OpenLab

Project Details: h2o pump flow system automate

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SmarterSoil Worm systems

SmarterGrow systems  

Complete worm soil plant system that produces living soil, tea and is fully automated realtime. 
Coming Soon... SmartController

The SmartControl System consists of a central Control unit that connects to the existing home sprinklers and remote gardens with wireless sensors to automate garden and home via smartphone or computer. 

SmartControl Sensors

Soil moisture, humid, temp and light sensors.                             
These are the soil sensors that talk with our automated watering system which tell it when to water based on soil moisture, humid, temp and if its going to rain. SmartControl Wireless Pump System                                                         

CircuitTree Smart Control Software is a full custom automation system built specifically for gardening inside and out.