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Our new partnership with G2T
 Let the Studies Begin

The Smarter Soil Team has just confirmed that we are going to be setting up one of our Smarter Grow systems for our big launch of our new company! Smarter Soil will be producing Live microbial soil, Super tea for plant nutrition and a smart automation system to help run the system run at optimal efficiency and will assist in many other important functions on the farm. The goal is for us to work together hand in soil with Garden2Table Family creating an "OpenLab" system that will let us both test our systems together for optimal operation and production.
Our intention is always to help for a greater cause and The Garden2Table organization truly have inspired us!     

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Tags:Urban Gardening, Community Culture

Our Networx and Partners

Dunsmuir Community Garden

Dunsmuir Community Gardens is a grassroots local garden created in a empty lot in downtown dunsmuir california. Our plan is to integrate a simple solar automated waterng and weather senosr system that assists in managing the water for optimal growth while conserving water during the drought we are experiencing in California. 

Native Grounds Nursery & Landscaping Co. 

Native Grounds Nursery is our local community garden supply and host for local plants and soil. Our goal is to design a system that automated. the entire property and greenhouses to assist in managing production of plants, watering and producing buik living soil along with humic tea for all plant life at facility. This will be our showcase for the realtime automated smart system and home to sell our worms, castings and tea. 


Photon.Net is our source provider for all digital and web technologies. The backbone providing the interactive online presence on a cloud server for the smart systems virtual brain.