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SmartControl is a full realtime weather based sensory automation system aware of your gardens needs daily and assists the plants to grow at optimal rate elimating the inconsitancy of everyday mundane tasks done manually. Because SmartControl provides a realtime sensory growing enviroment, SmartControl takes care of all those tasks your plants need thruout the day, by talking to the machines to provide what is needed. And besides the ideal growing enviroment you be able to simply maintain, its giving you more of the most important thing. Time.  

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Project Details: h2o pump flow system automate

Tags:Urban Gardening, Community Culture


The Smarter Soil group

Our group at SmarterSoil consists of close friends working to make the world a better place. We have engineered a fully inclusive smart system that allows our time to be used more effectively while producing the best soil possible. The SmarterSoil system is based on the natural modalities and structures of the living earth. We are passionate about our health and living cultures of plants, vegetables and herbs assist us in living optimally. We realize that it is important to work SMARTER and not HARDER, so please allow our system to automate any and every task that requires daily maintenance in your garden. We would like to "Recycle and Repurpose" your time so you can spend it more productively! 

 The most important benefit of what the system provides our farm, is that all the living culture of plants, vegetables, herbs animals, the surroundings, etc The list goes on in regards to how much our smart system assists us in living optimally. 
We also design system for the most important part... OURSELVES! :) More info at a later date. 
We are just going LIVE with our company. 
So stay tuned as this site will be a huge collaboration of extracted important information regarding global change, ways to live along with the nature of things. and tons of tech info and DIY on how to help ourselves. 

Thanks for stopping by and taking the TIME! 

The Smarter Soil Family

The People involved


Randy Barris


Joe Sawyer

Gianluca Viale

Original Hardware Architech and Developer

Xendarboh Sensorii

Software Architech and Developer

Shannon Burke

Product Developer


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