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SmartControl  & SmarterSoil 
Living Worm Soil Systems

SmartControl is a full realtime weather-based sensory automation system, aware of your garden's daily needs and assisting the plants to grow at optimal rates, eliminating the inconsistency of everyday mundane tasks done manually. Because SmartControl provides a realtime sensory growing environment, SmartControl takes care of all the tasks your plants need throughout the day, by talking to the machines to provide what is needed. And besides the ideal growing environment you'll be able to simply maintain, it gives you more of the most important thing: time.  

Worm system install and setup @ G2T

Setting up the OpenLab automated soil system

Our Systems & Projects

Worms & Soil Generation

Worms are the original workers, breaking down everything in the underworld and preparing it for the plants to eat and be nourished. Our soil is the basis of all life. The worms are the ones that take care of our soil. We have adopted the ways of the worm and have created a natural living soil system that generates living active soil, super high in nutrients, from waste of animals and plant matter. 
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H2O & Conservation

H2O is the essential to life and all things. Without it we would perish. It is our goal to be able to work with the water we have, to purify and reuse whenever possible, especially in times of heavy drought. So here at SmarterSoil we developed a watering system that uses minimal energy and recycles all waste water and reuses it completely. With perfect efficiency, our automated watering system assists in gaining the most of our water usage, saving time, growing our food while purifying water and conserving in every way possible.  


Smarter Soil is developing a full line of Smart Automated Gardening products to assist in living healthily and sustainably... and saving a lot of time. Our systems are expandable into our homes and personal lives too. 
More to come. 

For now please stay tuned to our NatureTech page for all updates regarding our SmarterGarden systems.